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Forged By Lightning: A Novel of Hannibal and Scipio

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Forged By Lightning: A Novel of Hannibal and Scipio
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The God Apollo

Apollo was the Greek God of light and of prophecy. He is the patron of music, medicine, archery and the lyre. He and his twin sister, Artemis, are the children of Zeus and Leto. He is the father of Asclepius, the healing God. When Zeus killed Asclepius with a thunderbolt, Apollo killed the Cyclops who manufactured Zeus's thunderbolts. In retaliation, Apollo was forced to spend a year as a herdsman for the Argonaut, Admetus.

He and Artemis hunted down and killed Tityus, the Euboeoan giant after the giant attempted to rape their mother, Leto.

Apollo is bisexual and is reputed to have enjoyed the company of many women and men both mortal and divine.

Apollo is a sun God and is depicted with spreading golden hair. The bow and arrow are sacred to Him and symbolize both the male and female aspects of fertility. The arrow also symbolizes supreme power. The laurel tree is sacred to Him as is the lyre. His sacred birds are the raven and the swan.

First prescribed during the Second Punic War and then later made permanent, the Games of Apollo were held on July 13. They were so popular that the date was slowly extended until they were celebrated from the 6th to the 13th. Horse races in the Circus Maximus occupied two of these days and theatrical performances took up the rest. The people who attended wore garlands and there was feasting in the front of the house with the doors open. Matrons offered prayers. An ox with gilded horns was sacrificed to Apollo, a cow to Latona, and two white female goats were sacrificed to Diana (Apollo's twin sister).

He is also known by the following names:
Apollon, Abaeus, Abaios, Acersecomes (meaning, Unshorn), Aguieus, Agyieus, Agyieyus, Aplu, Cynthius (born on Mount Cynthius), Delius, Far Darter (Dealer of Death), Helios, Hobal, Loxias, Lycean, Lykeious (wolf God), Moiragete (Guide of Moirae), Musagetes (patron of the Muses), Namios (He of the Pastures), Paean (the Healing God), Phaenops, Phoebus (the Shining One), Phoebus Apollo, Reshep (Babylonian), Smintheus (mouse-god) and Tushna (Etruscan).

Apollo was the protector of the Roman month of May, but He was honored on these dates as well:
July 6-13 - Ludi Apollinares

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