Second Punic War
Forged By Lightning: A Novel of Hannibal and Scipio

Forged By Lightning

A Novel of Hannibal and Scipio

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2nd war with Carthage
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Republican Rome
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Second Punic War
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Forged By Lightning: A Novel of Hannibal and Scipio
Roman Republic

The Goddess Venus

The Goddess of love and beauty. By Mars She bore Amor. By Mercury, She is also the mother of Aeneas and Pitho. Venus was the patron Goddess of Julius Caesar who claimed to have Her blood in his family line.

The Veneralia, or the Festival of Venus, was held on April 1. On this day, women would bathe in the men's public baths while wearing myrtle wreaths to seek support for their sex lives. On April 23rd, when the new wine was blessed by Jupiter, Venus, in Her aspect as guardian of gardens, was also honored. A great quantity of wine was distributed from Her temple on this day. These temples to Her were all dedicated on April 23rd: Circus Maximus in 295BCE, on the Capitoline in 215BCE, outside the Caroline Gate in 181BCE. April 23 was also the day that prostitutes sacrificed to Her.

She is also known by the following names:
Acidalia, Anahit (Armenia), Anahita (Persia), Aphrodite (Greek), Bennu-asar, Pi-neter-tauau (Egypt), Venus Verticordia (Changer of Hearts), Venus Genetrix (Her aspect as being an ancestor of the Caesar family), Venus Libentina (Goddess of sensual pleasure), Verticordia

Venus's sacred rites were performed in Rome on the following days:
April 1 - Veneralia
April 23 - Vinalia
August 19 - The temple of Venus Obsequens was dedicated near the Circus Maximus in 295BCE. The temple of Venus Libitina was dedicated on the Esquiline.
September 26 - Julius Caesar dedicated Her temple as Venus Genetrix was dedicated in 46BCE.

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