Second Punic War
Forged By Lightning: A Novel of Hannibal and Scipio

Forged By Lightning

A Novel of Hannibal and Scipio

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2nd war with Carthage
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Second Punic War
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Forged By Lightning: A Novel of Hannibal and Scipio
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The God Volcanus

Volcanus is a God of fire as well as a God of smiths. He may be the husband of Maia, but Medusa bore him two children: Cacus, a fire breathing giant, and Caca, the Goddess of latrines.

Because of His destructive power, His temple always had to stand outside a city. He had a primitive, altar hewn from rock at the foot of the Capital. The place was called the Area Volcani and contained a bronze quadringa dedicated to Him. There was also supposed to be an ancient lotus tree growing there. His temple near the Circus maximus was struck by lightning in 214BCE. Not much is known about his followers or their ceremonies, except that the people would drive animals into a fire to honor him. These animals were supposed to have been substitutes for themselves. Fishermen would offer live fish to Him for the same purpose.

His flamen sacrificed a pregnant cow to the Goddess, Maia on May 1, though it is not clear what the connection between the two gods was. May 23 was the Feriae Volcano, where the sacred trumpets were purified before they were used to formally dismiss the Comitia the next day. June 7th was the Piscatorii Ludi when the day's catch for the fishermen on the Tibur river was sacrificed to Him at this altar in the Area Volcani. The live fish were supposed to have represented human souls. Live animals were driven into the fire at the Volcanalia on August 23 for this same reason.

He is also known by the following names:
Hephaistos (Greek), Mulciber the Smelter, Vulcan

These days are sacred to Him:
The month of September is under His protection. May 23 - Feriae Volcano
June 7 - Piscatorii Ludi
August 23 - Volcanalia

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